China Babe! How often do you find yourself drooling over Chinese beauties? Plenty of times, I presume. Sure, why not? You are reading this fucking review, so I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to state that you fantasize about Chinese babes, at least sometimes.

Well, have I got a mother fuckin’ site for you! It’s called China Babe, and it features some of the sexiest Chinese goddesses you will ever see. There is no censored porn here like you would find with JAV – the Chinese love flaunting their genitalia (as you will see). So head on over to this tube site with an ever-growing collection of videos and photos to choose from, and beat off to unique Chinese pornography all in one place!

Among the things that impressed me when I was looking around at the content on China Babe was that there is no teaser content on this platform. It really pisses me off when I browse around on these tube sites only to find some videos that are nothing more than teasers. But I am happy we will not have to experience that on China Babe!

The content on this website feels authentic. The videos on China Babe feature real Chinese beauties, which adds much the realism of the content. However, the clips are not all that long. I noticed that as I was browsing the sexy videos that the tube site has to offer, most of the videos had a duration of around 30-minutes. Some are a bit more than 30-minutes, others are slightly below that. But the runtimes do not differ that much. So you won’t see any ridiculously short clips, at least.

I presume it’s a good thing too because as you scour the library from one page to another, you will want to watch a little bit of everything. Which, in turn, is a good and a bad thing at the same time. It’s okay because you can easily taste test most of the content on China Babe. But it also kind of sucks because there isn’t that much content on China Babe.

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A downside to China Babe is clearly to see that there is not much to consume from the start. And although the full-length content is welcomed and appreciated, it does not change that there needs to be more content added to the mix.

China Babe only has a little over 290 videos as of this review. Sure, it will take you a fucking long time to watch absolutely everything. But once you do, hell, where do you go from there? Perhaps ThePornDude to find more Asian porn?

You have to hope that China Babe will have posted enough videos for you to watch. Otherwise, you will run out of content to watch, and nobody wants that – your penis will hate you for that!

This brings us to the question: how much content does China Babe actually post? And, well, I have no fucking idea. You see, most tube sites show you when videos were published – in either the thumbnail or on the video’s page – but China Babe does not do that. So there is absolutely no indication as to when you can expect new content to go live.

Further, there are no sorting options. I assume that when new content goes live, it goes to the top of the homepage. So the content that is on the homepage is assumingly sorted by most recent. But again, there is no real way of knowing that because you can’t sort the content that is already on the tube site.

Do you see why that needs to fucking change immediately? China Babe needs to include sorting options so visitors can sort content by most viewed, newest, longest, etc. Likewise, the date when the content was posted needs to be displayed somewhere in the thumbnail. But I will get to the listings in a moment.

China Babe fares better when it comes to its variety of Chinese photo galleries. When you stack up the galleries with the number of Chinese porn videos available on the tube site, the videos pale in comparison. So if you do not mind jerking off to sexy galleries featuring hot Chinese women, China Babe can make it happen, thanks to the over 2000 photos collection.

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To access the over 20 galleries that China Babe has to offer, go to the top of the homepage. Then, select the table labeled ‘Chinese porn pics’ to see all of the available galleries for you to fucking jerk it to. One thing to note is that each thumbnail in the Chinese porn picture section shows you how many images are in that gallery. And although there are no sorting options in the Chinese porn picture section either, it’s a nice touch to be able to see how many images are in each gallery before you make the jump.

Select a thumbnail to see the photos that are within. The thumbnails are so large and stunning that you may not feel inclined to click on them to look at full-sized images. But doing so will certainly display the image to its original full-sized version, allowing you to see the picture in all of its glory.

One thing that would have made it even more convenient to look through each gallery is a slideshow feature. As it is, users can’t jump from one image to another without physically clicking on that image. It is annoying as hell. If you want to masturbate to pictures, how the hell are you supposed to conveniently do that, assuming that you are working with one fucking hand?!

China Babe does not miss the mark on absolutely everything, though. Far fucking from it! One area where China Babe succeeds is in its categories. The Chinese tube site has a variety of good categories for you to browse by making it easy as hell to find the kind of content that will get you off. Visitors have the option to browse categories like cheating wife, group sex, BDSM, blowjob, big tits, mother in law, massage, leaked incest, and more. The categories are unique, to say the least, and will show you something worthwhile after the jump.

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It perfectly complements the amazing content that is available for you to jerk off to on China Babe. The pictures are hot as hell; that much is true. But the type of content that shines the brightest is the porn videos. The content loads and streams extremely fucking quickly, too. Each embedded video has six backup servers, allowing you to stream just about anything on China Babe.

It works well. The videos that I streamed did not always stream on the first server. Or even the second server, for that matter. But the content always found a proper server to stream from, which is what counts. The content streamed quickly, looked amazing, and never stuttered once.

All in all, China Babe could be vastly improved. The biggest hurdle is getting more content on the tube site. If China Babe can add more videos and pictures regularly, I have no fucking doubt that the tube site will be a must-see destination for everyone that gets horny as hell for Chinese beauties.

China Babe also needs to add better listings. As it is, you can only see the title of the video, which does not make any sense. China Babe needs to add duration, rating, view count, and date posted to make it easier to browse the tube site.

China Babe is a Chinese tube site that provides visitors with a library of porn videos and pictures for you to jerk off to. Unfortunately, the site has a limited collection of content. Then again, there are no sorting options, and missing information within video listings makes it difficult to find what you want to watch and know when new content has been posted. More content also needs to be added sooner than later. The tube site is off to a great start. But it still needs to flesh itself out to be a top destination for Chinese porn.