Stick War: Legacy MOD APK is a game well-integrated tactical element that promises to give players an unforgettable experience on the phone. Join us to learn about some interesting features that it brings immediately.

Note: You can refer to other real battle games like Mr Bow or Omega Legends.

Introduce about Stick War: Legacy

As far as MODDED-1 knows, Stick War: Legacy is a Stick War Strategy game, officially released by Max Games Studios. Although released for a long time, but this game still retains its own characteristics. That is why this stickman product has now reached more than 100 million installations globally. This is indeed a remarkable achievement, given what this game brings.


In Stick War: Legacy, players will explore the world of Inamorta – one of the periods with the most wars in the past. This world is made up of many different countries. Each of which has its own culture and national identity, making the lives of its people richer. However, they have quietly developed their own technology to fulfill their ambition to dominate other countries in order to expand their own countries.

The special thing is that each country develops its own attack and defense method. They are proud of their unique handicrafts and obsessed to the point of worship, making weapons an indispensable religion in life. Therefore, Stick War: Legacy will allow players to become the king of one of the countries mentioned above. And carry out the mission to restore peace to Inamorta once again.

Military system development

During the first experience, players will be familiar with 4 character classes of Stick War: Legacy in order to maximize the power they bring. The character system in the game includes archers, swordsmen, wizards, and regular soldiers. You should carefully study and understand the basic information of these classes before thinking about developing the military system for your kingdom.

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Basically, players will have full control over all types of Stickman in this game to make it easier during the fight. Besides, you should pay attention to the development of economic resources to be able to produce the type of soldiers you want quickly. Each character will have a completely different price. So you need to calculate carefully before making your decision if you do not want to be easily overwhelmed by the enemy.

Tactical battles

Interesting battles in Stick War: Legacy is highly tactical. All kingdoms possess modern and valuable war technology. If you defeat them, you can win both valuable items and territories of the rival. To do this, players need a powerful army with modern weapons and a reasonable strategy. Only the strongest in Stick War: Legacy can defeat every other opponent.

A perfect army needs to meet the balance between melee and ranged forces. The swordsman or soldier is the assault force rushing straight into the enemy’s formation. Meanwhile, Archers or Magi with “long arm span” will deal damage from afar. With that, the giants can both attack and protect the turret. They can not exist alone, but need coordination to fight together in the most reasonable way to create a powerful army without weaknesses.

Many attractive modes

In addition to the classic mode, you can also participate in Survival or Fighting mode to feel the fun of the experience.

1. Survival Mode

Your powerful army of stickmen must find a way to fight. And survive before the bloodthirsty and barbaric zombies.

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2. Tournament mode

Where online battles take place between players around the world.

How to install Stick War: Legacy

Step 1: Download the file Stick War: Legacy_(MOD Money).apk from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Stick War: Legacy_(MOD Money).apk.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

FAQs about Stick War: Legacy

1: How to upgrade troops in Stick War: Legacy?

To upgrade your army, you need to use the gold you earn to buy upgrades in the upgrade menu. Upgrades can include improving your troops’ combat power, durability, speed, or special skills.

2: Are there new maps and levels in Stick War: Legacy?

The game is regularly updated with new content, including maps and levels. You should check for updates on the app store or follow the developer for new maps and levels.

3: How can the MOD version of Stick War: Legacy help me?

When using the MOD version of this game on our website, you can activate Gode Mode, One Hit, Auto Win and more than 20 other features.

Download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK for Android

In the current market, it is very easy for players to choose a stickman game for their experience. However, we believe that the Stick War: Legacy with unique and new features will be one of the great options for you. The game attracts the world’s gamer community with unique and thrilling tactical battles. At the same time, a meaningful story, simple gameplay. And vivid graphics are the factors that make the game truly engaging. Join Stick War: Legacy to fight and take the throne of the kingdom.

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