From helming Hallyu hits to endorsing the biggest beauty brands in the business — one of South Korea’s most prolific actresses has been there, done that. Her fortune is impressive to say the least — marked by a string of investments in real estate and art. Here’s a deep dive into Son Ye-jin’s net worth.

From a shy young girl to one of the most recognisable faces of South Korea — actress Son Ye-jin has come a long way. Her career is underlined by the most exciting set of titles — romance, action thriller, comedy, the works — each further establishing her acting prowess. Her most popular works earned her the title ‘queen of melodrama,’ but the star has consistently stepped out of her comfort zone by taking up challenging, unique roles. A significant one was that of Yoon Se-ri in the Hallyu hit Crash Landing On You — an intelligent, career woman and heiress who accidentally finds herself in North Korea.

Overnight, the drama’s success had the star dominating headlines and being hailed as one of the most bankable names in the industry. Reflecting on her journey, she told Korea Herald, “When I first started out, all I thought about was my own acting…I’ve never worked that hard at anything else in my life.” The hustle translated into several hits as well as endorsements with big names. And when she tied the knot with actor Hyun Bin — the power couple’s brand value shot right through the roof. No surprises that she leads a rather luxurious life — complete with art investments and swanky properties. Here’s a look at Son Ye-jin’s net worth.

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Son Ye-jin’s net worth

Son ye-jin net worth 2023

A report by Times Of India places Son Ye-jin’s net worth at USD 20 million (INR 166 crore approx.). This is largely attributed to her successful acting career, both on the big and small screens as well as her endorsement deals. A report by South China Morning Post (SCMP) notes that when combined with her partner Hyun Bin’s wealth — which sits at USD 21 million (INR 174 crore approx.) — her fortune sits at USD 41 million (INR 340 crore approx.). In addition to this, their combined property value is USD 27 million (INR 223 crore approx.) No surprises that the two have been dubbed South Korea’s power couple.

Fee per episode

When she’d first started out in the industry — with titles like Lovers’ Concerto (2002), The Classic (2003), and A Moment To Remember (2004) — Son Ye Jin earned about USD 500,000 (INR 4 crore approx.) per movie and USD 42,000 (INR 34 lakh approx.) per episode. This doubled to about USD 108,000 (INR 89 lakh approx.) per episode in 2022, according to a report by SCMP.

Many experts point to this growth to her eclectic choice of characters — each of which have shaped her into a well-rounded actress. “Rather than a role that looks pretty or lovely, I choose a work based on how interesting it is to me. I don’t worry about how my image will change by playing a certain character, she told Yonhap. This aside, her hustle alone has helped her build an impressive filmography. “I’ve been acting nonstop, but it’s not easy. Sometimes I fear that I may lose interest, or that people may not employ me,” she revealed to Korea Herald. “Luckily during the process, I keep finding films that I want to work on. While I work on the films, I keep getting the urge to keep going.” With each title, she’s furthered her brand value.

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Endorsements with luxury brands

As with many other Korean celebrities, Son Ye-jin’s popularity earned her a string of endorsement deals. This includes skincare brands such as Manyo Factory, Neuramis, and Vanav; clothing names Bride and You and Crocodile; jewellery brand Pandor and Piaget; and luxury golf house Piretti Golf. She’s also the muse of Valentino’s DI. VAs campaign.

“Son Ye-jin is seen as a symbol of strength and freethinking for the newest chapter of Valentino Collezione Milano,” the luxury Italian fashion house stated on its social media. As a part of this, she sported six looks from the brand’s spring/summer 2021 collection. According to SCMP, she earns USD 357,000-440,000 (INR 2-3 crore) from endorsements annually. Most recently, she starred in a commercial with her partner Hyun Bin for a Philippines’ wireless communications company Smart Communications.

Real estate

The power couple

A 2020 report by Today Online, Singapore pointed to the actress purchasing a USD 19 million (INR 158 crore approx.) commercial building in the wildly popular and opulent Gangnam district of Seoul. The six storey, 1,567 sq m building houses plastic surgery clinics, beauty centres, and make-up stores with the rent being about USD 53,400 a month (INR 44 lakh approx.). Reportedly, she also bought a USD 8.2 million (INR 68 crore approx.) building in Mapo-gu in 2015 and sold it for USD 12 million (INR 99 crore approx.) after three years. Reportedly, the couple lives in a penthouse in Achiul Village. The eco-friendly neighbourhood in Gyeonggi province near Seoul is also known to be the residence of K-pop singer Jo Sung-mo and JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin-young. The house itself features a rooftop garden, skylights, walk-in wardrobes, and an elegant design — amounting to about USD 4.3 million (INR 35 crore approx.)

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Art and designer furniture

Something in the Rain actress

SCMP notes that Son Ye-jin is also a connoisseur of art and luxurious furnishings. Her home features a famous egg chair by a Danish designer, a glass and crystal oval table by a Spanish architect, designer timepiece by a Spanish brand, and more. Reportedly, her furniture from just her living room, dining space, and kitchen adds up to about USD 185,000 (INR 1 crore approx.)

All images: Courtesy of Son Ye-jin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who is the husband of Son Ye-jin?

Son ye-jin’s husband is actor Hyun Bin.

– Who is Son Ye-jin’s first love?

In an interview, Son Ye-jin revealed her husband Hyun Bin to be her first love.