Bigger and bolder

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the biggest of Samsung’s next-gen S20 smartphones. Not only is there a large and beautiful display, there are new ways to take photos and connect to the world around you.

Peer into that world through the large 6.9-inch Infinity O-Display, bringing the best of Samsung’s Dynamic AMOLED screen technology to a premium phone. Curved edges line the sides with minimal bezels and maximum screen space to view content. With HDR10+ and a high-resolution display, everything looks vibrant and vivid on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, no matter where you prefer to feast your eyes.

Equipped with excellent hardware components, this flagship handset was built to do more. An ultrasonic fingerprint sensor delivers biometric security, and PowerShare reverse wireless charging helps you charge up compatible accessories on the go.

Choose between 128GB and 512GB storage options to save all your favourite content, and boost it further up to 1.5TB with a microSD card slot.

An Ultra camera arsenal

You don’t only get three camera lenses in the rear, you get the largest image sensor ever seen in a smartphone to date. The massive 108-megapixel standard wide camera ramps up mobile photography in ways that will change how and when you shoot your best images.

With such a large canvas to work with, you can crop a portion of a great shot and still see so much of the detail. Low-light photos get a boost with Bright Night, using the magic of artificial intelligence (AI) to illuminate a dark scene for truly memorable images.

With Single Take, you can get more than one perspective of the same scene by capturing it with all the rear lenses at the same time. With standard, telephoto and ultra-wide views, plus Live Focus and a video clip, an important moment is never left to chance.

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To get closer to a subject, you can use the telephoto lens with its 5x optical zoom, or double that up to 10x with a hybrid zoom that mixes both optical digital zoom together. Space Zoom goes well beyond that — as far as 100x zoom. From that distance, you can see a faraway point of interest without taking a step forward.

Video prowess

Shooting video is easy on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, courtesy of the extensive capabilities in the camera array. For the first time, you can record in 8K resolution on a Samsung smartphone, bringing four times the pixels of a 4K resolution video to your fingertips.

That lets you take a great memory or brilliant set of clips to a Samsung 8K QLED TV with simple wireless casting. Or you can choose to share it with others on YouTube for friends and family to see. Each 8K video also offers the option to select single frames as still photos at 33-megapixels, ensuring that a great moment can be frozen in time.

New to Samsung’s video repertoire is Pro Video mode, giving shooters the chance to select their own settings for light sensitivity, framerate and more. Now you can manually control how your video will look before you press record.

5G-enabled speed

The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes equipped with 5G, putting it firmly into the next generation of wireless connectivity. It can connect to any 5G wireless network out of the box, making it among the first in Canada able to do so. When carriers go live with their respective 5G networks, this premium device is primed and ready.

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With 5G, you will experience speeds faster than any LTE connection is capable of. Surfing, streaming and browsing can be cut down to a fraction of the time. Uploading content to social media will be much faster than ever before, increasing your productivity and access in whole new ways. The future is here with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.