• revised February 2023

Rik Emmett was the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist with Triumph on a dozen platinum albums from 1975 to 1988. Twenty more non-platinum solo indie projects followed over the years, ranging across many musical genres. His six decades in the music biz got him into five Halls and two Walks of Fame, with a few ‘Best Guitarist’ awards in various categories garnered along the way. A published poet, his “Reinvention” collection came out on ECW Press in 2021, with his memoir scheduled for the fall of 2023. Retired from touring, Rik continues to write and record for releases available exclusively as downloads from www.rikemmett.com. His latest project (The Bonfire Sessions – 2020) included 18 solo acoustic / vocal tracks and 6 jazz guitar instrumentals.

Rik Emmett gained international recognition as the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist with Triumph from 1975 to 1988. Five gold & platinum decades in the music biz provided entry into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame, the Music Industry Hall of Fame, the Junos Hall of Fame, the Canadian Walk of Fame, and the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame, as well as induction into his Mississauga hometown Musician’s Walk of Fame and Legends Row, with a few ‘Best Guitarist’ awards in various categories garnered along the way. Emmett morphed from Smooth Jazz awards in ’05 and ’07 to the worldwide release of a prog rock project called Airtime in ‘07, to a Latin / Mediterranean guitar trio project called ‘Trifecta‘ in 2009 (nominated for a Best Instrumental Juno). Then the full-blown rock band project, RES 9, by Rik Emmett & RESolution9, was released worldwide by the MASCOT / PROVOGUE label in 2016. His 2020 creative recording project, Folk Songs for the Farewell Bonfire (The Bonfire Sessions), is comprised of 18 solo acoustic / vocal tracks, as well as 6 jazz guitar instrumentals, available exclusively as downloads at www.rikemmett.com.

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His most recent creative undertakings are with ECW Press as a published poet in 2021, with a collection entitled ‘Reinvention’, and his memoir, Lay It On The Line – A Backstage Pass to Rock Star Adventure, Conflict and Triumph – with a street date of October 10, 2023.

Searching backwards chronologically, the 18th and 19th albums of his independent career (released through his website, www.rikemmett.com) were “Marco’s Secret Songbook”, [2012] a concept album with 15 music tracks, a spoken word narrative & symphonic underscore: and “Then Again”, [also 2012] an acoustic duo with Dave Dunlop, reworking the most popular Triumph repertoire with new arrangements. In 2011 “reCOVERy Room 9“ was released (also an acoustic duo with Dave Dunlop), featuring nine cover songs from an eclectic range of pop.

Rik was a popular columnist for Guitar Player magazine (his 13 years of Back to Basics resulted in his published educational series, For The Love of Guitar), and an innovative music educator of long standing with Humber College in Toronto. He is the Artistic Director Emeritus of the annual Songstudio Songwriting Workshop.

Rik was the author of a GUITAR PLAYER magazine column for over a dozen years, a music educator for a few decades on the Humber College Music faculty, and is the Artistic Director Emeritus of the Songstudio Songwriting Workshop, launched over 15 summers ago.