Philosophies of Light is used to level up characters’ Talents in Genshin Impact. See how to get Philosophies of Light and which characters use Philosophies of Light here!

How to Get Philosophies of Light

Philosophies of Light Location

Location Narukami Island, Inazuma Domain Violet Court

You can get Philosophies of Light by challenging the Violet Court Domain on Narukami Island!

Violet Court Domain Guide

Specific Philosophies of Light Locations

Location 1 Domain of Mastery: Vine-Infested Ruins (Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday) Location 2 Crafted

Part of the Light Series

Light Talent Book Series Teachings of Light Guide to Light Philosophies of Light Schedule Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday

How to Use Philosophies of Light

Used to Level up Talents

Characters Who Use Philosophies of Light

Philosophies of Light can be used to level up the Talents of the following characters:

Yae Miko Sayu Gorou Raiden Traveler (Electro)

Note on the Traveler’s Required Talent Level-Up Materials

The Electro Traveler’s Talents need all Talent Level-Up Materials from the Inazuma Domain depending on the Talent that you’re raising!

Part of Yae Miko’s Talent Ascension Materials

Yae Miko was released in the first phase of Version 2.5 and one of her Talent Ascension Materials is the Light Series! The other materials include: Nobushi and Kairagi Hanguards, and the The Meaning of Aeons from the Raiden Shogun Boss Fight.

Talent Level Up Guide

Total Philosophies of Light Amount

Skill Required Amount Normal Attack (Lvl. 7 – 10) Elemental Skill (Lvl. 7 – 10) Elemental Burst (Lvl. 7 – 10) Total Amount

Items Craftable With This Material

Output Item Amount Needed Philosophies of Light Guide to Light

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Philosophies of Light can be crafted using three Guide to Light Books! Other than that you can get Philosophies of Light via Talent Domains or given as rewards.

Philosophies of Light Effects and Basic Information

Inventory Information

Philosophies of Light Rarity 4 Type Character Development Items Effect Talent Level-Up material.

Light is the yearning of the land of thunder. Though they must live forever on the earth, humanity will always reach for the light. Mortals will pursue and surpass, and they will never stop. A sealed eternity may, perhaps, look magnificent, but its essence is death.

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