Founded in 1987, the Salon at New Image was established by Mr. Randy Martin, the previous owner of New Image Labs. Before the grand opening, Mr. Martin moved from Toronto, Canada to West Palm Beach, Florida to create New Image Labs corporation. This came with no surprise, as Mr. Martin was actively involved in the hair replacement industry as his parents Mr. Les and Mrs. Kay Martin owned the established hair replacement center First Lady in Canada.

However, not only was Mr. Martin a part of the hair replacement industry, but he also suffered from hair loss, he knew the struggles and challenges that came with it, and wanted to create a space where people like him could feel comfortable and have options to regain their confidence in a relaxing and private environment.The Salon at New Image Labs, has everything that you would find at a traditional hair salon, but with the added bonus of hair loss solutions. What makes us different from the rest is that we offer services that you won’t find anywhere else, including non-surgical hair replacement application, cut-ins, styling, coloring, hair cuticle and scalp analysis, professional scalp care, hair fiber applications, and so much more.Not only do the services that we offer set us apart, but the customer service that we provide is second to none. When the Salon at New Image first opened its doors 35 years ago, Donald Carusso also known as “Don” joined us shortly after as a hair replacement stylist. Don has been with us ever since, and the care and service that he provides to his clients is unmatched. Our mission is to make everyone feel like the best version of themselves, and our team of professionals are the absolute best at what they do. We strive to be the best in the industry and we welcome you with open arms to visit our facility and experience all the services that we have to offer at our headquarters in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida.See you soon,The Salon at New Image Labs

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