The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the vital need for advancing healthcare through technology more than ever before. As we emerge from nearly 3 years of dealing with the virus, the time is ripe to prioritize building robust digital healthcare infrastructure and solutions.

It is with this objective that we are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between two organizations passionate about leveraging technology to transform Vietnam’s healthcare landscape. Read on as we provide details about how this collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge innovation to healthcare services and make quality care more accessible to all.

A Groundbreaking Partnership for Healthcare Innovation 🚀

We are absolutely thrilled to announce an exciting new comprehensive cooperation between Savvycom and Medlatec, one of Vietnam’s leading healthcare service providers. This partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare in Vietnam through pioneering digital transformation initiatives.

By leveraging Savvycom’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies like AI, cloud computing, big data analytics, blockchain and more, we will enhance Medlatec’s existing infrastructure as well as develop innovative solutions to make their healthcare services more efficient, convenient and patient-centric.

This collaboration will allow us to rewrite the future of healthcare in Vietnam by combining top-notch technology with quality care. We look forward to working closely with Medlatec to bring positive transformation to Vietnam’s healthcare landscape.

The Vital Importance of Proactive Healthcare ❤️

In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, health has become more important than ever before. With busy modern lifestyles, people often neglect regular checkups and preventive care. However, comprehensive healthcare plays a huge role not just in detecting major illnesses, but also in monitoring overall wellness and taking preventive measures early on.

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Proactive healthcare enables people to live life to the fullest potential. It is the key to long-term wellbeing. That is why we are excited to collaborate with Medlatec to make high-quality healthcare services more accessible to people across Vietnam.

Together, we aim to promote the significance of regular multi-parameter health screenings. We want to enable people to be more health-conscious and monitor vitals like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol on a periodic basis. This will go a long way in combating escalating rates of lifestyle diseases.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Cutting-Edge Technology 💻

As a leader in digital transformation, Savvycom is ready to completely revamp Medlatec’s technological infrastructure to take their healthcare services into the future.

We will be providing cutting-edge solutions like:

  • Cloud-based Electronic Health Record systems to digitize medical records
  • Multifunctional healthcare mobile apps with features like telemedicine, e-pharmacy, appointments etc.
  • AI-enabled diagnostic and treatment support systems
  • Robotic technologies like remote surgery robots, exoskeletons, automated drug dispensing and more
  • Blockchain solutions for robust data privacy and security

Additionally, we will provide extensive training to Medlatec’s doctors, nurses and other staff to equip them with the skills needed to leverage these advanced technologies. This will enable them to provide the best quality care to their patients.

Healthcare for All – Medlatec’s Noble Initiative 🩺

As part of this collaboration, Medlatec has very generously committed to providing free basic healthcare checkups to underprivileged sections of society. These will include vital tests like blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI, cholesterol, ECG and more.

This wonderful gesture of social responsibility highlights our shared goal of making comprehensive healthcare easily available to all. It underscores Medlatec’s ethos of caring for the community and our joint dedication to improving the health status of Vietnam’s citizens.

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Together, Savvycom and Medlatec hope to co-create innovative digital solutions that can provide patients with convenient, personalized and proactive healthcare services. We aim to leverage technology to create a healthier and more technologically empowered future.