Colours are the most joyous part of the Holi celebrations. They add life and vitality to the festival making it most vibrant of all.

Spirit of Holi

The sight of Holi is so beautiful to watch; as the entire atmosphere gets filled with the clouds of colours…And, as if to match with the cheerful mood of the people nature itself wears its best and most colourful clothes.

The energy of the people as they move out in groups, playing dholaks, singing songs in their highest possible pitch; completly drenched in colours but more so in the spirit of Holi – throwing gulal and abeer in the air and on the feet of their elders as a mark of respect- it is this spirit of the festival that makes it so delightful and memorable.

Colorful Legend

The legend from which the tradition of playing colours started is full of colours in itself. The story goes that the very colourful Indian god, Lord Krishna was jealous of his soul mate Radha’s fair complexion, since he himself was very dark.

Naughty young Krishna complained to his mother Yashoda about this injustice of nature. To placate the child, doting mother asked Krishna to apply colour on Radha’s face and change her complexion according to his choice.

Playful and mischievous Krishna appreciated the idea and implemented it. The game of applying colours thus gained so much popularity that it became a tradition and later it turned out to be a full fledged festival.

Till date, lovers desired to colour and be coloured by their mates. The application of colours has in a way become an expression of love.

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Holi Celebrations

The festival of colours is extremely popular amongst children. They eagerly wait for a prey with a bucket full of colour water, an ever ready water jet- popularly called a pichkari and loads of colour packets to give vent to their mischief nature.

Rather, the festival is not confined to any age group for old, young and kids everybody turns as naughty as the other on the day. Play with colour continues till every inch of all participants is coloured and the person becomes virtually unrecognizable.

The spirit of the festivities knows no bound particularly in houses which witness the arrival of a new bride. For everybody wishes to play Holi with her. At some places there is a tradition in which the first Holi after marriage is played in the brides maternal house. There too, the enthusiasm for Holi is at its peak.

In modern day colonies, people move out in groups, called tolis visiting one house from the other, forcefully colouring the shy ones and exchanging greetings.

Holi Knows No Bars

When it comes to Holi, hair are let loose and no restrictions hold. People open up themselves and enjoy the festival to the hilt. The tradition of consuming bhang too escalates the level of enthusiasm.

It is a real fun to watch the otherwise always sober people making a clown of themselves. Singing songs at a high pitch and playing practical jokes on others. For, the rule of the day is, ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’. (please don’t take any offence for it is Holi).

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At some places Holi parties are also organised where the colour and water flows endlessly. Till everybody becomes one like nature in the season of HOLI-FULL OF COLORS AND LIFE.

Significance of Different Colors Red – Purity Green – Vitality Blue – Calm and sedateness Yellow – Pious feeling