A no-frills, mobile version of Facebook

Facebook Lite is the stand-alone app for Android, designed for Facebook users who have a poor network connection and want to have access to the basic features of the platform. This small-sized app optimizes resource usage and is simple to use.

Simple connection

Most people around the world own a smartphone. Unfortunately, many people also live in areas where there is a spotty internet connection. With the FB lite app download Android users can enjoy all of their favorite elements, even without a reliable data plan or WiFi.

Small but mighty

You’ll notice that this app is a lot smaller in size than the original Facebook Mobile. The FB Lite download is less than 1 MB in size. Even though it requires a small amount of memory, it incorporates all of the essential features and is surprisingly fast.

Everything you’d expect

In terms of appearance, this app looks very similar to Facebook for Android, except we’re talking about the version from ten years ago. While it may be no-frills, it does provide everything you need.

The fonts are smaller than the mobile version, and the avatars are as well. The clean and simple layout makes for seamless and fast usability.

The interface is as easy to navigate. Functions such as friend requests,notifications, newsfeed, and groups, are in the same place as other mobile versions.

You’re not very limited in terms of what you can do: comment and like to interact with posts from friends and family.

You can even post a geo-tagged status in the “what’s on your mind” box. sharing photos through Lite is a breeze.

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Send chats to your contacts without being prompted to switch over to Messenger. Manage groups and create events or other interest pages.

No animations

Essentially, the only significant difference between Facebook for Android and FB Lite is the number of system resources that the app uses. The Lite version is designed for devices in rural areas with poor service and WiFi connection. It will take you back to the days where 2g was the standard.

Facebook doesn’t disappoint with this one though, and they offer all of the same banner features. Everything that is cut out of FB lite is done to save data, which in turn makes the app function faster.

Animations put a lot of strain onto your device’s resources. To save memory and data, when you tap on something in Facebook Lite it won’t move or bounce.

The comments window won’t slide up, and the blue thumb won’t jiggle, and emojis won’t entice you with motion. Sure, the animations are fun, but we’ll happily sacrifice them for an increase in speed and functionality.

Save device resources

Part of Lite’s massive appeal is its ability to cut down on resources without sacrificing much of user experience. The elements and functions that aren’t existent aren’t missed and are compensated for with speed and seamless usability.

The most noticeable change is that the News Feed will only refresh when you request to see new photos and posts. To see the most recent update of a page, you’ll have to pull down on the screen with your thumb manually. You’ll know when the page is new. Just like decades ago, a bright green progress bar will appear at the top of the screen.

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With the standard version of Facebook, any pre-loaded content will appear in the bottom edge of the screen. As you scroll down, you’ll see all of the new items right away, when you scroll, you’ll see new elements loading.

With Facebook lite, photos won’t be pre-loaded at all. You’ll see the title of the following post on the screen, and then you can decide if you want to load the content. The photo may take a second or two to appear.


Considering that this app is designed for users with poor internet connection, it is no surprise that there isn’t support for video or audio. What this means is that you won’t be able to send mp4, avi, or other video file formats.

Users also won’t be able to share any videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other streaming platform. As you may know, videos use a lot of data in order to load. If you do want to share some clips or special moments, you can do so through Facebook on your web browser.

The app will appear as text heavy. Anyone who uses the standard app will notice a difference when visiting friend’s profiles and messages because there are no images. If you’re simply using this to access the basic functions of FB, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Another limitation has to deal with redirection. There is no in-app browser with fb lite so every time you click on a link you will be brought to an outside app.


If you have a powerful, newer Android, you should consider the Facebook Lite apk or an alternative like Facebook for Android or Facebook Dark. These apps offer an enhanced the user experience, though they do require more of your device’s resources. If you need a lite app for your phone, you could also check out the Lite for Facebook and Messenger.

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Functional by design

The Facebook lite app maintains all of the same features and perks as the standard mobile version, with only the expected limitations. For those users who live in areas of the world that have shaky and unreliable internet, downloading FB lite is the way to go. The process is simple and easy.

Even though this is a stand-alone application, it’s still regularly updated. Facebook Lite has a lot going for it. It effectively incorporated all of Facebook’s banner features, uses less data, and fewer system resources.

The interface looks like something out of the earlier days of social media, but it is fully functional. You could say that this app is vintage. If you’re running this app on an older phone with limited mobile data, you should consider the Facebook Lite APK.