Enterogermina® is a pediatrician’s No.1 choice of probiotics for diarrhoea and its symptoms in children.

Made in Italy, it is a probiotic for kids that contains Bacillus Clausii, friendly bacteria normally present in the gut that turns unhappy tummies to happy ones. The bacteria maintain a healthy relationship with the body such that there are no side effects or any major issues. It has a symbiotic relationship with the host organism which ensures a win-win situation for both.

What’s more? Enterogermina® for diarrhoea management, comes in ready-to-drink liquid vials, which can be easily consumed by small kids. Plus, it is tasteless, odourless and colourless; so, your child will consume it without putting up a fight.

Enterogermina® 2 billion

Uses and benefits of Enterogermina oral suspension for a healthy gut

Your child’s gut flora is constantly put to task for reasons like seasonal changes, dietary changes or consequences of antibiotic therapy. It’s important to maintain the balance of this bacterial flora because 70% of the body’s immunity lies in the gut. In this regard, Enterogermina® 2 billion probiotic for kids –

  • Maintains the right kind of gut flora balance
  • Restores internal bacterial balance to help improve immunity
  • Provides gentle gut care for your child
  • Helps in restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Addresses the root cause of digestive troubles such as diarrhoea and the like and promotes faster return of bacterial balance in the gut.
  • Contributes to correct dysvitaminosis- which is the imbalance of production and assimilation of vitamins
  • Works as effective diarrhoea management

You can also consume Enterogermina® for stomach aches and stomach disturbances.

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So, your child gets gentle relief from diarrhoea and the symptoms that come with it.

More about Enterogermina® 2 billion

Composition and nature of Enterogermina®

Enterogermina® 2 billion is lactose free, sugar free and gluten free.

Since Enterogermina® is a probiotic, it is only natural that the drug contains healthy bacteria that helps in prevention of diarrhoea and related symptoms and maintain healthy gut flora.

Each vial of Enterogermina® liquid contains around 2 million spores of Bacillus Clausii.

The attributes of these bacteria are as follows:

  • The bacteria are rod-shaped
  • It is gram positive
  • It is capable of forming spores and living in soil
  • It is a symbiotic which means it creates a mutually beneficially relationship between the substrate and the host
  • It maintains the need of the body for probiotics required for a healthy gut
  • It supports the intestinal bacterial flora to maintain the balance

How Enterogermina® oral suspension works

Antibiotics kill bacteria including the friendly ones in the stomach that are essential for digestion & food absorption. Enterogermina® restores the balance of friendly bacteria in intestines, increases absorption of nutrients by the body, and increases body’s ability to resist microbial attacks.

Known as the world’s no. 1 probiotic, Enterogermina® 2 billion contains the spores of Bacillus Clausii, that helps in overcoming the barrier of acid gastric juice and reaches the intestinal tract undamaged. They are then transformed into metabolically active cells that multiply and go on to restore the correct intestinal flora.

The oral suspension adds extra bacteria to your gut and improves the anti-microbial property which promotes faster healing.

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The formulation of Enterogermina® 2 billion is also indicated for administration to children and infants.