Frequently Asked Questions

What will my dog do at Jollytails?Dogs at Jollytails enjoy interacting with our staff and all the other dogs in our fabulous indoor and outdoor play areas. We believe in providing a large amount of space for dogs so they don’t feel cramped or restricted. Our large garage bay door allows dogs to come and go from both the indoor and outdoor play areas with lots of interesting things to interact with including pools, shaded areas, resting mats, and of course, our staff and other dogs!

What should I bring?Dogs need to wear a regular quick release collar free of any tags. No harnesses or choke collars please! If you want your dog to have an afternoon meal, please bring it with you. We highly recommend dogs be fed some food during a full day stay.

When can I drop / pick up my dog?Our doggy daycare hours can be viewed at the very bottom of this page.Please indicate on your reservation what time you plan to drop your dog off. We offer both full day and half day rates. Dogs are accepted for half days but dogs cannot be dropped off any later than 1pm.

How do I reserve a spot?Please fill out our reservation form to reserve a spot in our daycare. Drop offs will only be accepted provided we have the space. Provided you submit the form the day before and you receive confirmation, you will be assured a space!

When will my dog eat?If you provide a meal we will separate your dog out into a private kennel in order to have his/her lunch. We allow them a chance to rest privately before returning to the play area to prevent bloat. The duration of rest will depend upon the dogs risk for bloat, and we will also not feed more than 1 cup of food at a time to minimize risk and we use ‘slow feed’ bowls. We do not provide food for the dog since providing a different brand of food may upset your dog’s stomach and cause your dog to have diarrhea at home. It is not required for you to provide food but it is recommended since dogs will need energy to keep up their play! It is also recommend you feed a high quality food for active dogs – we can help you choose a great diet for your pet.

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Should I feed my dog prior to coming?We suggest that you feed our dog at least 1 hour before coming to minimize risk of vomitting and bloat. If your dog has just eaten when arriving to Jollytails, we will place them in a kennel just to allow their stomach to settle before playing.

What if my dog gets Sick or Injured?All staff members are trained in pet first aid and we will provide immediate assistance. You will be contacted if any injury or illness occurs and if there is an emergency we have your dog assessed by the nearest veteranian clinic.

Do dogs ever get hurt?During normal play its common for dogs to get scratches minor injuries during play, and while we do our best to monitor all dogs it is possible for more serious injuries to occur, however this is rare. We pride ourselves in being experts in dog behavior, as our facility is not only a daycare but also a training and behavior rehabilitation centre for dogs. We manage behavior and play so that aggression issues do not happen.

In the event of any emergency that requires immediate attention, owners will be contacted immediately and if required, your dog will be brought to the 4 Paws Vet Clinic. We have partnered with 4 Paws to share a facility at 6410 Lady Hammond Rd, are they are prepared for Jollytails customers should the need arise. Safety and your dogs health are our top priority.

Aggression which causes damage to a dog is not tolerated at Jollytails and any dog causing damage will be immediately banned from Jollytails.


Pet Insurance is recommended for any dogs that play in groups or attend dog parks, as even minor injuries can be costly.

If my dog is sick or injured, can they come to daycare?Dogs who are sick, whether contagious or not, should stay home or other arrangements for care should be found. Daycare is for healthy dogs to play and have fun.

What is kennel cough?If your dog exhibits a sudden dry hacking cough or retching sound, he may be experiencing a condition referred to as “kennel cough”. Kennel cough is a common upper respiratory infection, comparable to a human cold. Due to its contagious nature, you should refrain from exposing other dogs to your pet if they are showing symptoms. For more information, visit

Will my dog like Jollytails?If your dog likes to play with other dogs, then yes absolutely they will! Part of our detailed assessment is to determine if your dog will like our environment and play areas. We are very honest and if we feel your dog is not enjoying themselves, we will let you know. If your dog doesn’t like other dogs or is very shy, they may not like Jollytails – but unlike other daycares, we can provide behavior training and advice on how to help you! Please chat with us about your specific dog so we can give you the best advice.

How are your play groups arranged?Our Intercolonial Street facility is one large area both indoor and outdoor for all dogs. This location assesses dogs from small to large in size to determine that they can interact and have fun with each other, We believe in allowing dogs plenty of space, this is the best way to reduce fighting or conflict. All dogs will have plenty of space to interact with their preferred playmates! Dogs do not have to all play together, but they must get along.

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For tiny breeds, or small dogs who tend to be a little more shy and reserved with larger breeds, our Lady Hammond and Dartmouth facilities have two seperate play areas: one for all sizes and one for small breeds only. This allows small breeds to romp and play with each other. They also have their own exclusive outdoor play area as well.

Should I bring toys for my dog?No, there will be some fun objects to interact with including several pools. With smaller toys, dogs may defend or guard objects that are in their “mouth area”, but dogs tend not to do this with larger sized objects – especially if many similar items are available to play with.

Can my dog be Groomed while in Daycare?If your dog is an existing daycare attendee – yes! We offer either a full groom, bath & dry, or simply nail trims while your dog is in daycare at our Intercolonial Street or Burnside locations. For tiny dogs who go to Lady Hammond, please let us know you would like an appointment. We can arrange to transport your pet to our Intercolonial Street location for a groom.