BookingCare is an application that facilitates scheduling appointments with doctors and allows you to test for depression. To understand how to download BookingCare for depression quizzes and how to schedule appointments through it, read on in this article by Minprice.

What is BookingCare?


is one of the leading medical appointment booking platforms in Vietnam. It is designed to provide a convenient and quality appointment booking experience for patients. Additionally, it’s an app that allows you to take free depression tests.

The platform enables patients to choose suitable doctors from a network of quality healthcare professionals and quickly schedule appointments. Information on the platform is reliably verified, and users are supported in scheduling appointments free of charge.

The platform makes it easier for patients

With the commitment to ‘create a platform that meets international standards and is suitable for the habits and vision of the Vietnamese people,’ this application provides a solution to make the medical examination process more convenient, easy, accurate, and efficient. Simultaneously,


also collaborates with healthcare facilities to optimize resources, creating a friendly and helpful environment for patients.

Applications of BookingCare in Daily Life

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone has to deal with hectic schedules. Therefore, managing time for health care and undergoing regular check-ups becomes more challenging. Hence, the use of appointment booking apps for medical examinations is becoming increasingly popular, and


is the app that makes it easier for you to do just that.

Quick and Convenient Doctor Registration and Appointment Booking

Registering and booking a doctor’s appointment is no longer a daunting task because you can completely manage your time to schedule appointments according to your personal convenience. Moreover, once you have booked an appointment at healthcare facilities, the

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app will provide detailed guidance on how to easily reach the examination location.

App Facilitating Easy Doctor Appointment Booking

Allows Patients to Choose Doctors and Healthcare Facilities for Diagnosis and Treatment

Based on transparent and publicly available information on the app, you can conveniently check and search for professional doctors suitable for your medical condition. Additionally, the app allows you to easily identify the nearest location and healthcare facility to schedule appointments or treatment for yourself and your family. This helps you save valuable time.

Simple Remote Medical Consultations Available



not only provides medical examination services but also supports online consultations with specialized doctors through video calls. This not only saves costs and travel time but also facilitates convenient conversations with professional doctors about your health issues.

Online Medical Consultation Support

In particular, the system operates continuously, 24/7, even on holidays, to meet the online appointment needs of patients.

Comprehensive Support for Patients Before, During, and After Medical Visits

Based on close collaboration with healthcare units, the BookingCare app not only accompanies patients before, during, and after doctor visits but also provides comprehensive support. Before scheduling an appointment, patients receive reminder notifications and instructions for preparation. The app assists with transportation and explains the examination process.

Comprehensive Patient Care

During the doctor’s visit, it helps address any arising concerns and meet the patient’s requests. After the examination, the app records the patient’s opinions, provides support in clarifying doubts, explains professional issues if needed, and assists in protecting the patient’s rights.


Provide BookingCare Depression Quiz

Not only facilitating convenient appointment scheduling and visits, the


app also offers a depression quiz, enabling users to conveniently self-assess their level of depression. Widely used by the expert community, this quiz provides crucial information about mood and emotions.

BookingCare Depression Quiz allows users to self-assess and gain a deeper insight into their personal mental state. This is a useful tool to help users understand themselves and seek solutions for their psychological issues.

How to Download BookingCare Depression Test on Android


download BookingCare

on the Android operating system, ensure that your mobile device has a strong network connection. Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Access the CH Play app on your mobile phone

Step 2:

Search for the keyword BookingCare in the search bar

Step 3:

Click the Install button to download the app to your device, then press the Open button to experience this app.

Download BookingCare on Android

How to Download BookingCare Depression Test on iOS

Aside from

downloading BookingCare

for the Android operating system, you can also download this app on the iOS platform. The download process is similar to that for Android. Specifically:

Step 1:

Access the Appstore app available on your phone

Step 2:

Enter the keyword


in the search bar

Step 3:

Click on the Install text, then enter your iCloud password to download the app

Step 4:

Press the Open button to use the special features that the app provides.

How to Use BookingCare Depression Test on Computer

Instead of using your phone, you can entirely experience BookingCare on your computer. To schedule a medical appointment on this app, follow these simple steps:

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Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Choose a suitable doctor or healthcare facility based on your medical needs.

Select a doctor or healthcare facility based on your needs

Step 3: Fill in all the required information on the form and confirm the appointment.

Fill in all the required information

If you can’t select a suitable doctor, leave a message in the ‘Support’ section, and our consultants will contact you to provide detailed guidance.

In addition to scheduling medical appointments, you can also take the depression quiz


using the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the website

Access the main website of BookingCare

Step 2: Scroll down to the Mental Health section, then choose the Health Test

Step 3: Select the test according to your needs and complete the test to receive results.

Choose and take the BookingCare Depression Quiz

This article shares how to

download BookingCare – depression quiz

and schedule medical appointments, along with information about this application. Hopefully, the useful information shared here will assist you in finding the most reputable and quality healthcare appointment booking app.

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