In Episode 11 of ‘Big Mouth‘, Gan Soo Cheol (Kim Dong Won), who was appointed as the new prison warden with the support of Gucheon Mayor Choi Do Ha, conducted a physical examination of the prisoners in the name of eradicating corruption in the prison. Working with Park Chang Ho to find the real Big Mouse and his minions hiding among the prisoners. However, as Gan Soo Cheol, who had tasted power, got on the greedy line, he started to quarrel with Park Chang Ho from the start.

Separately, tests were conducted to find out the contents of Seo Jae Yong (Park Hoon)’s unpublished thesis. With the help of Jang Hye Jin, a new drug was detected in the blood test results of Tak Gwang Yeon (Yoo Tae Joo), a death row inmate who was commissioned. It was a brilliant moment for the teamwork of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) and Go Mi Ho, who unravel the clues of the thesis with the evidence they each witnessed.

Park Yoon Gap came to Park Chang Ho, and he issued an ultimatum, saying, “If you don’t come out again, I will overthrow this plan, whether you kill me or not.” At the same time, Choi Do Ha, who had extreme anger towards Big Mouse and Park Chang Ho, who threatened her wife Hyun Joo Hee (Ok Ja Yeon), closed his eyes from the runaway of the guard Cheol. Gan Su Cheol, who called all the inmates, exposed the fact that “Park Chang Ho is a fake Big Mouse,” and issued an emergency measure with the attractive condition “Anyone who catches a real Big Mouse gets a special pardon.”

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The ominous prediction became a reality when Choi Do Ha ordered Gan Su Cheol to kill Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho (YoonA). As the inmates rioted under Gan Su Cheol’s instructions, the prison quickly became a chaos. However, Park Chang Ho, unaware of this, simply waited patiently for the confrontation with the real Big Mouse. In addition, as a power outage occurred inside the prison, the sense of crisis toward the couple Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho soared to the highest level.

Park Chang Ho, unaware of this fact, was fighting a fierce battle with Novak, the real Big Mouse, who finally revealed his identity. Novak revealed that he had plotted all these plans to avenge his daughter who died while digging up an unpublished thesis by Seo Jae Yong (Park Hoon), and insisted on his life as an excuse to follow his instructions.

Park Chang Ho also offered Novak a deal, saying, “I’ll get rid of my grudges against you and put an end to them, and I’ll live.” Park Chang Ho, who heard this belatedly, went to the medical school with the help of the chains and Big Mouse, and Mi Ho was coping with the vicious criminals in her own way.

In a moment of dilemma, Novak accepted Park Chang Ho’s offer, and he summoned Gong Ji Hoon (Yang Kyung Won), who had been pushed by Choi Do Ha, to the prison and handed Novak over to the police. With the arrest of the real Big Mouse, Park Chang Ho not only cleared the charges, but also succeeded in revenge for Choi Do Ha, who struck himself in the back of the head, signaling a strong start to his new life.

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Go Mi Ho, who was helping Tak Gwang Yeon, a death row inmate who saved her life inside the prison, was covered with coolant flowing through the drain pipe. In particular, as the story of Chairman Kang, who mentions human casualties, was added, it gave Mi Ho a sense of anxiety that something unusual might happen.

On the other hand, Park Chang Ho applied for Novak’s bail, and they headed to the restaurant where Big Mouse lived. At the moment when warmth seeped into the relationship between the two Big Mouse, taking off their prison uniforms and running towards the same goal, Novak died in a sudden explosion, giving a shocking ending.

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